Oil Service – From £110

At MBM Autohaus we can provide you with an Oil Service or "interim service" to ensure that your engine oil is of the highest quality all year round.

To keep your car in top condition and ensure that it is always in the highest state of maintenance the most important thing to do is make sure that the oil is serviced regularly. We will only ever use Genuine Oil Filters and Castrol Edge Fully Synthetic Oil graded specifically to your car's requirements.

Another thing that separates MBM Autohaus from other service companies is that when you pick your car up from an Oil Service, we can offer to show you the parts we replaced before we throw them away; this ensures that all of our customers know exactly what they are paying for when you ask for an oil service.

A lot of driver's believe that if they drive engines with dirty or contaminated oil then the Oil Filters will remove any foreign matter before the oil reaches the engine, however, this is a costly mistake. All of these materials can cause damage to the bearings when the amount is sufficient to cause bearing wear and bearing-housing bore wear or if the particles of dirt are large enough to block the internal oil passages of the turbo so causing the unit to become starved of oil.

At MBM our Oil Service normally takes around an hour to an hour and a half and costs around £110 depending on the car. To book your car in call us today on 0121 356 9633 and quote "Oil Service"