Gearbox Service – From £150

Gearbox Service

At MBM we can offer you a Gearbox Service which will improve your gearbox’s performance and the efficiency of the gear changes.



Have you found that your gearbox is not performing as well as it used to? It's taking longer to change gears and the gear changes aren't as smooth as before? It may be that you require a Gearbox Service.

As well as our standard services we are also able to offer a gearbox service on your BMW whether it is manual or automatic. Most commonly we would undertake a gearbox service on automatic cars as there are substantially more components which the driver does not have control over. Since you as a driver do not have control of the automatic gearbox you need to ensure that it changes gear at the right time, it selects the right gear and that the changes are quick, efficient and smooth.

If you do not maintain your automatic gearbox then this can cause a number of issues which may lead to you needing a new gearbox and this can cost you hundreds! If you're not sure whether a Gearbox Service is right for you then call us today!

For an automatic gearbox service our cost is £280 and this includes; the gearbox sump, sump filter, sump plug and the gearbox oil which is usually about 9L. However, the gearbox service for manual car will only need the gearbox oil replaced, and is usually about 2L of oil and the cost for this is normally £100.

If you need a gearbox service then call us today on 0121 356 9633 and quote "Gearbox Service" so we can book you in!