Fuel Injectors – £150 Per Injector

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors deliver fuel into an engine’s combustion chambers in order for it to be burned, causing the engine to run.


There are different types of electronic fuel injection systems. The first, most common and most simple is called throttle-body injection. A throttle-body injector has one fuel injector that delivers fuel to all of the combustion chambers. The throttle-body injector is positioned on top of the engine and is set up to deliver fuel to all of the cylinders.


The other type of electronic fuel injection has singular fuel injectors for each cylinder; this type of fuel delivery system is called multi-port fuel injection. With this type of fuel injection system, all fuel injectors spray fuel at the same time, even though the cylinders don’t all fire at the same time. The most advanced type of electronic fuel injection is sequential multi-port fuel injection, which causes each injector to spray the fuel just before that particular cylinder fires. Therefore, the driver of a car with sequential multi-port fuel injection will get a quicker response time when they put their foot on the acceleration pedal, as the fuel delivery system doesn’t have to finish a revolution of the engine before it can increase the frequency of fuel delivery.


Fuel injectors are a very important component of modern vehicles. Not only do they deliver fuel to a car's engine for combustion with oxygen, but also they do so in a manner that enables the engine to use the fuel as efficiently as possible, saving owners money in fuel costs. This not only gives vehicles better mileage, but it also cuts down on the pollution that they emit in comparison to older technologies.


As with all things mechanical, the injectors can fail and this can be down to many things; some things as simple as putting low quality fuel in the car causing the injector to block up. When this happens it can feel stressful but we are here to ensure that any repairs are done as quickly as possible and with as little financial stress as possible.


The normal cost to repair the injectors works out at around £150 per injector, however, we highly recommend a line of products which clean the injectors and help increase their life span.