DPF Service – From £399

DPF Service

Diesel Particulate filters (DPF) or ‘traps’ catch Diesel Particles in the exhaust. This helps reduce the emission levels, yet when the DPF is blocked you will need it replaced which will cost you a minimum of £1200 from most BMW Dealers WITHOUT Labour Costs!

This is exactly why we offer a DPF Service, which is something neither other independent specialists nor BMW Dealers can do. Rather than spending up to £1200 or maybe even more than that to get a replacement DPF, we can  provide you with a DPF Service from £299* and have the DPF functioning like a brand new one.

Does this sound familiar to you?  "Avoid the £1,500 bill from BMW dealers by having your DPF physically removed, and having the ECU software modified to remove the regeneration cycle, sensor monitoring and all other DPF scope functions. We professionally remove the DPF from the car, and then remove all the contents of the filter using our in house procedure which is tried & tested"? - Unfortunately the new laws mean that this is illegal and will cause you to fail any MOT or inspection and could also leave you with a hefty fine. Why risk it?!

If you're not sure whether a DPF Service is right for you then feel free to ask us about our DPF Diagnostics. This will allow us to give you a tailored recommendation of your options.

*Please note that there are two types of DPF Service depending on the severity of the blockage, should the blockage be easily flushed with our unique chemical procedure then the charge for the DPF Service would be £299. Should your DPF be severely blocked and then require a more invasive procedure then we will quote you accordingly.