Affordable Diagnostics for BMW Vehicles – From £40

Do you feel like you're paying too much for Diagnostics on BMW Vehicles?

At MBM Autohaus we offer the latest in Affordable Diagnostics services for BMW Vehicles to help you  identify issues and accurately diagnose any and all fault codes you may have. This means that you are no longer restricted to using only BMW Dealerships to find out what's wrong with you car.

What separates us from other Servicing and Repair Centres is that when dealing with your BMW we only use genuine Diagnostics software for BMW Vehicles helping identify any fault quickly, accurately and without having to second guess our findings.

We also use our unique Diagnostics Service Ladder for BMW Vehicles (see below), we want to make sure that as a customer you avoid any unwanted bills, that's why when you tell us about a fault with your car we won't charge you unnecessarily; instead we will start off with the most affordable diagnostic check and if we cannot find the fault then we will speak with you before upgrading.

Don't forget that the majority of modern vehicles can produce a huge variety of fault codes that are stored within the vehicle’s memory system and can only be cleared with the correct diagnostic equipment, so when another centre offers "Diagnostics for BMW Vehicles" you may not be getting what you asked for; that's why at MBM Autohaus, when you have one of our Diagnostics for BMW Vehicles we will ensure we find the problem, if not then we will take you to the next level of our Diagnostics Service Ladder for BMW Vehicles.

And Remember! Although we specialise in Diagnostics for BMW Vehicles we regularly diagnose all Makes and Models.


Our Unique Diagnostics Service Ladder for BMW Vehicles:

Visual Diagnostics - £10

Our Official Diagnostics for BMW Vehicles - £35

Interim Engine Diagnostics - £60

Full Engine Diagnostics - £150